Painting Rachael

by Ann Lutz


Ann Lutz’s Painting Rachael is a comforting story for parents, family members, or friends with special needs children in their lives. It’s a mother’s telling of the crazy, the sad, the humorous, the overwhelming, and the loving times. “I have tried to share heartfelt stories that go along with the ups and downs that can occur when raising a child with autism spectrum disorder,” Lutz writes.


Rachael, with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, always keeps the Lutz family household exciting and full of energy. From glitter in exotic places to the breaking of window panes and blowing bubbles, Rachael’s life is the perfect read for laughter, crying, and warmth.


Whether interested to understand a loved one better or are interested in the real life of a special needs child, readers will find the raw truth about this remarkable little girl and the inner workings and hardships of her daily life.


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